Customer Reviews for CBS Mitsubishi Durham, NC

Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At CBS Mitsubishi in Durham, NC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at CBS Mitsubishi, allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

The service I received from CBS was 100% fantastic..
Fritzi Usen 2014  MItsubishi   Mirage

Amado did a fantastic job on our purchase. Main showroom on hwy 70 did a great job scheduling and performing maintenance. Sales and service were spot on and seamless. Amado provided us with a great car buying experience.
Kimberly & Joseph Sabo 2005  Cadillac   CTS

Amado Marte provided me with exceptional service when I first visited the store in 2012 to purchase a car for my daughter. The car was in excellent condition and in the time that we had it, I only had to replace the battery within the first 30 days which, had I taken it to Auto Zone to have checked, I'm sure that CBS would have replaced it at no charge. After having the car for nine months, it was involved in an accident and totalled. I will be replacing the car within the next 30 days and the first place that I thought of going to was back to Amado at CBS!
Ivy Williams 2004  Hyundai   Elantra

Very nice staff, no pressure. Great experience. I wish we could have purchased from the location close to our house. But I understand why we had to go to Roxboro
Clayton Walston 2009  Toyota   Highlander

Yes, Bill was a huge help and I really liked his approach as it was not really pushy. I can't remember the last name but he worked at the CBS next to Hess station. Also the guy that was the head man there in same building was very helpful. I am just bad with names. Very pleased with your service.
Gregg Webster 2013  Dodge   Journey

The whole buying experience was wonderful. I was treated with dignity and respect by eyeryone.
Mona Snead 2012  Ford   Fusion

Sean Johnson was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and tried to assist in everything I asked. He was awesome. The service person who changed my oil the first time, was so nice and helpful and seemed to care about the best service he could give me.
Carol Eubanks 2014  Mitsubishi   Outlander

Troy Shields was knowledgeable about the vehicle, focused on the features that I had mentioned meant a lot to me (third row seating, bluetooth, safety, etc) and went above and beyond by coming in when it was convenient for me, my work schedule and didn't mind that I brought all FOUR of my children and they ran around his offices. This was a great experience and I have already told a couple of family members and co-workers about Troy and the service and respect I was showed from the moment I spoke to him on the phone.
Keeley Garrett 2008  Mazda   CX-9

Larfue Williams was patient and knowledgable about the cars. He was very responsive to my needs.
Theresa Tate 2008  Ford   Mustang

Terrel Hopson was very helpful in my search for the car of my dreams. He worked with me until I was extremely satisfied! He was very knowledgeable and patient with me, due to the fact I was very picky.
Akoi Korva 2012  Nissan   Altima

Tim Roberson really helped me out for the situation I was in. Was great dealing with a fellow who didnt care about the sale, but more about the customer's needs.
MIke White 2006  Toyota   Tundra

Terry was determined to help me find the exact make and model that I sought, and he did!
Courtney Jones 2006  Lexus   LS 430

Kevin Strickland was extremely nice and helpful. It was a really good experience. Just a little longer that I expected.
Lisa Porter 2008  Toyota   FJ Cruiser

He made me feel good about getting the car I wanted and he did all he could for me to be able to get the payments where I wanted them. He showed me nothing but respect. If it wasn't for Troy I would have left the dealership & bought a car from some where else. Improvements Needed: My overall experience was a good one .
Teresa Hunter 2008  NIssan   Altima

I'm not just blowing smoke about it. It was the best car buying experience i ever had!
Kenneth Blue 2010  NIssan   Maxima

This is my second car I buy from CBS, I had my Volvo for 9 yrs and now I got a Subaru Impreza that I plan to keep for the next 10 yrs. too. The process was so simple. I saw the car on the internet, I call Mauro and told him what I wanted. He was so helpful, he drove the car to my house in Wake Forest for me to test drive. Once I liked it I went to sign all the paper work. Since I didn't trade my car... He delivered my new car to my front door. I couldn't ask for a better service. I recommend CBS to everyone I know, because they CARE. Thanks Mauro and CBS. Ida
Ida Murphy 2009  Subaru   Impreza

I'm so grateful that the CBS staff took care of my old 04 Lancer this morning. I used to have my car checked in Mitsubishi Capital Blvd but being closer to home I prefer CBS now. Marcus (tech) cleaned the battery terminals, checked alternator, etc and found out the battery cable connecting underneath the car is loose causing a hard start on my car from time to time. What surprised me? I did not pay any single centavo after rendering his time and service. Wow I am so grateful for this. I would suggest to those with new or old car to have your car checked with the dealer because they keep your service car record history, and they will give you an HONEST and REAL service advise from Professionals. Just what the CBS Mitsubishi have done to me.
Jay Ty 2004  MItsubishi   Lancer

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a vehicle from Tim at your Hillsborough location. I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the experience I had working with Tim Roberson. I am the General Manager of two local restaurants and am very reluctant to speak of customer service most days. Tim was amazing. He spent more time with me to help get into a vehicle that I was happy in, than anyone I have ever dealt with. He truly cared about helping me through every step of the purchasing process, and I cannot express how happy I was and am after leaving the lot. You are truly lucky to have an employee such as Tim, he earned my business, trust and made me a customer for life. I will refer everyone I can not just to CBS, but to him specifically. I just wanted to tell someone about his excellence in customer service and how great he was to work with, I will be visiting him again shortly to purchase a vehicle for my girlfriend and would not consider going to anyone but him for this purchase. Cheers,
Scott Kleczkowski 2012  Hyundai   Sonata

I brought a 2011 Chrysler Town And Country Van from Mr. Rufus Green. Mr Rufus was a very excellent sale person and met every need that me & my family wanted. I just wanted to let everyone know if you want AAA+ Customer Service, Excellent Sales Person, Professional, his friendliness is outstanding. Rufus Green is the one to see. The whole staff is just so remarkable and I will be buying from CBS Quality Cars and Referring Everyone to them. By way Thanks Again Rufus Green for my New Beautiful Van Tammy B & Family
Tammy B 2011  Chrysler   Town & Country

I recently purchased and inquired about some parts for my 1999 Mitsubishi Galant and was helped by Tray from the parts department. He really went above and beyond in answering my questions and helping me find the parts I needed. I’ve worked a lot in the customer service field throughout my career and wanted to take a moment to let you know that I appreciate the job he’s doing. Vincent Nastasi. Analyst, IT - Windows Network Services Duke Clinical Research Institute

Just bought out 7th car from these folks. They have always treated us very well. Many thanks to Scott and Tim.
Skip Burger 2010  Honda   CR-V

I would like to on the behalf of my lovely wife and myself take this time to formally thank you for all you've done for us concerning our recent purchase of the 05 BMW 745 Li. It's not very often that you do business with men of integrity and sound character. Thank you for analyzing the situation thoroughly and making sound judgement as it concerned us. We were pleased with your warm demeanor and calmness and the way in which you treated us with such respect. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to see that your customers were happy and satisfied with the conditions as it concerned the oil leaks, etc. We have spoken to several of our friends and family about the way you treated us and the situation, and for these things we are both thankful and grateful. It goes without saying that we will be both willing and most of all honored doing business with you in the future. Once again we thank you wholeheartedly. God Bless. The Owens Family
Robert Owens 2005  BMW   745

Hi Ed, Thank you so much for everything you and the service department did to correct the issue in the car with the tire service light. You guys went up, over and beyond to make sure I was happy and the car was in working perfect condition. I surely appreciated it. Thanks again! Vickie Yarborough
Vickie Yarborough 2009  Lexus   ES 350

Service Excellence Mr. Andres. I'm not exactly sure who should be receiving this email. I selected you from the list because of your title (not knowing exactly what it is). Nevertheless, my husband and I would like to give gratitude and appreciation where and to whom it's due. My husband and I purchased our show room 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport at your Durham-Chapel Hill location (brand spanking new). Scheduled maintenance done there. Dealership moved/closed. Then to Elkins, again scheduled maintenance done there. Then on Hillsborough Rd. Now CBS Motors on S. Miami Blvd. Herb Peters is an AWESOME technician. My husband, James, is a diesel mechanic in the US Army but I wouldn't let him work on my truck. Herb has been the ONLY mechanic that has ever performed service maintenance on our vehicle. Wherever Herb went, we followed, lol. There have been times when I've scheduled service for one thing and ended up needing something else. But that's all part of owning any vehicle and scheduling regular maintenance. Again, we commend Herb on his excellent skills. When I scheduled a military oil change for today, I was initially told by Jeff Nease that Herb wouldn't be there because of a scheduled business venture. Hesitant that Herb wouldn't be performing the service, I scheduled it anyway. But as God would have it, Jeff came and told me I didn't have a rear break light. OK. Thinking it was just the bulb, we thought, it turned out to be that I needed a brake light switch (1st time). Herb just happened to come in and (luckily) replaced the switch. He came in the lobby and explained what needed to take place. Oh, I was SOOO happy he was there. I was just unsure who'd I'd been comfortable with enough to perform this service. I called my husband and asked him to come down and he did. He and Herb has a great relationship, mechanic to mechanic (lol). I know Herb has been certified in every area possible as a Mitsubishi mechanic. He is worth every penny and then some. Please try to retain him at any and all costs. HE"S GOOD!!!! I'd recommend anyone to HERB PETERS. I like him and my husband likes him. Please make sure Herb sees this message. He has a talented gift. Way to go, Herb. Sincerely, Belinda and James Brittian
Belinda and James Brittian 2000  Mitsubishi   Montero

I bought a '98 Silverado 4x4 from CBS in '03 i think, and it had like 60,000 miles on it and now it has 327,000, so they do make sure thier used vehicles are in really good shape and mechaincally sound.
Donald Porterfield 1998  Chevrolet   Silverado

I cannot say enough nice things about CBS! We found the van we wanted, called and spoke to Eli, he had it ready to test when my husband arrived. Eli allowed me to take it to my mechanic and had it checked. After doing so I was running late getting back to CBS, I had to be at my daughter's school for an event. My son was asleep in the backseat, I finally arrived frustrated and Eli said just keep it for the day! I almost cried. I couldn't believe how thoughtful a car dealer was being! We don't have the best credit and Clay totally worked with us to make it affordable. They were extremely courteous and professional. We would highly recommend CBS to anyone expecting EXTRAORDINARY from the ordinary car dealership experience! Thank you CBS!
George & Jessica Chapman 2005  Honda   Odyssey

Herb, Mitsibushi Mechanic, did a great job teaching me about what downshifting is in my Mitsubishi outlander. Which is what evidently has been happening the last couple of times when I turn onto this particular stretch of road by my home. Herb took my Outlander out with me and showed me how the manual shifting through all the gears (1 thru 6th) worked and what each gear sounded like as well. Then he showed me the same gears shifting with the paddles. Then he event related it to the where the tachometer arrow was reading and what the engine is trying to do at each point. I learned how to get out of using the shifting paddles by putting the manual shift into Neutral and then back into Drive --- resets it and it is back to automatic transmission. Great lesson! And I was able to intelligently rely this information back to my husband and he understood as well! CBS ‘s provides wonderful service!
cbrkathy   Mitsubishi   Outlander

Customer service was exceptional. Amado was a gentlemently salesman. Allowed time for taking a looking at and driving. Not pushy. Helpful, dedicated, responsive, informed, friendly.
Anita Lyon 2005  BMW   X5

My over all experience at this dealer ship was great. Mr. Bullock showed interested in everything. Even when things started looking bad Mr. Bullock helped the situation come back on top
Kristina Pierce 2005  Chrysler   PT Cruiser

I had some issues with my vehicle when I first bought it. However, once the company president Steve Smith caught wind of my problems, he took it personally and made sure everything was fixed to my liking. I didn't have to pay for anything, and they even came and picked my vehicle up and gave me something else to drive in the meantime ...until my vehicle was fixed. This was my first experience buying a car from a dealership, and while I wish that I wouldn't have had any issues, if I had to then I am glad I chose CBS. I feel like at any bigger dealership I would not have gotten the one on one treatment that I got from CBS. It's nice to see a company that actually values their customer's input and is willing to change things for the better. Steve seems like he genuinely wants to make your car buying experience as good as possible, and he will go out of his way to make sure it is that way.
Wesley Jordan 2006  Chevrolet   Silverado 1500

I was very happy with the service & interactions with CBS staff. Mauro was great with keeping me informed. Lee (finance) worked with me on getting the monthly payments I wanted. I am very pleased with my overall experience. This dealership was clean & all staff were friendly even those that weren't helping me. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone I know looking for a car.
Kisha Johnson 2005  Acura   MDX

We are very glad that we discovered CBS. Our 2005 Toyota Rav4 needed both repair and painting of a dented fender, and replacement of the front windshield. We had talked to two body shops in Raleigh, but were not impressed with their casual attitude and the lack of a written estimate. My wife drove by CBS on Miami Blvd., noticed that they do body repair, and was impressed with their clean, modern facility. So she took the car to CBS and they gave her a complete written estimate, then lowered their price after asking her what she was expecting to pay. They scheduled the job to be done a few days later and completed it on schedule. We are extremely pleased with the quality of their work, especially the superb job they did on the fender painting! The new windshield looks great and is completely watertight. In short, CBS did extremely high-quality repair work, at a very reasonable price. We are recommending CBS to family and friends. We’re spreading the word on you folks – Keep up the great work!
Robert & Sally Sadler 2005  Toyota   Rav4

My Review of CBS Quality Cars Inc: This was, by far, the easiest car buying experience I have had. All of the staff were friendly and professional. I purchased my car the day CBS Quality Cars purchased the dealership from Morgan Mitsubishi. Even with the "transition",I felt extremely comfortable and well taken care of. My salesperson, Sean Johnson, was new to the dealership, and I was his first sale. He did not pressure me, but instead, was quite attentive, very friendly and professional. I would definitely refer friends and family to CBS Quality Cars! Employee(s) Dealt With: Sean Johnson
Jennie Logan 2008  Mitsubishi   Endeavor

I have dealt with many car dealers in the past. None can compare to the customer service I received from CBS Quality. Mr. Lopez was very eager to help in any way he could and if he could not answer a question I had, he was immediately on the phone to get the answer. This is my second purchase from CBS and I will buy there again and refer anyone that may be looking a quality used car.
Brantley Holland 2007  GMC   Sierra

Mauro @ CBS Quality Cars has been just an awesome guy to work with while I was shopping for a car for my 16 yr old. He made it a personal mission to help me find just the right car that would be safe since I had a new driver in my family and followed up with me to ensure it met all of our expectations. The car we bought has been fantastic. I have referred all of my friends to him & anyone else I know who needs to deal with a real professional; I will refer to CBS. Great customer service!! Thanks CBS!!
Amy Peer 2004  Chrysler   PT Cruiser

I found myself in a not so good financial position and had to vacate my 2001 Jaguar was eatting me alive I just wasn't upsidedown-- Only the Lord know's where I was. I praise God for His favor. CBS Quality Cars worked with me and truly helped me get back rightside up and back on my feet again. Justin, my original sales rep was definitely wonderful and worked with me to make my transition smooth. And although my car needed a few repairs (sometimes happens with used cars) Jeff and the guys at the S. Miami Blvd CBS Repair Center have also been great. They've worked with me over the months to get things up-to-par (my standards). I often tell folk that the Lord had hidden that little car away just for me, for which I'm so thankful to Him. I guess that I've made a 360 degree turn, because the car that I learned to drive on was a Honda Civic-- Hatchback Style. This car reminds me of that car. I'm definitely recommending CBS to my friends. Sincerely, Lee
Lee Smith 2009  Kia   Rondo

The expierence that I had with CBS Quality Cars was great. The vehicle that I purchased had a few unforeseen errors that was fixed promply and at no cost. Mauro made my vehicle purchasing expierence very pleasurable. I will be telling my friends and family about CBS Quality Cars.
Curtis Mangum 2005  Chevy   Equinox

Had a amazing experience with CBS Quality Cars. Terry Bullock was very helpful, friendly, and professional. They definitely made buying a vehicle easy when I was in a difficult situation. Military friendly for sure! Would highly recommend to anyone.
Ashely Bello 2007  Mazda   3

My experience with CBS and in particular, Mauro and Elijah were great. Every person I came in contact was personable and friendly. Mauro, always reassured me that all would work out and it did. Thanks Guys.......I would definitely recommend you to others......Dawn
Dawn Meacham 2008  Dodge   Avenger

This is a great place to purchase a car. My mother is older and was very nervous and had lots of questions. Her salesperson Terry Bullock was the best! She has worked with Mr. Rufus in the past and has gotten nothing but the up most respect from everyone at CBS! Keep up the great work!
Virginia Patillo 2003  Cadillac   DeVille

Made my car buying experience very enjoyable. Definatly will return to make future purchaces. (5 Starts on Goggle reviews)
Ken Bass 2006  Chevrolet   Cobalt

This was my best car buying experience ever, I found the car that I wanted for the right price. The car salesman was very courteous, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was completely satisfied, and will definitely refer CBS Quality Cars to my friends and family. Thank You Mauro Andres for all your hard work.
Nancy Garcia 2008  Saturn   Aura

Mauro and Chris were great to work with. The first visit set the stage for a good buying experience. I had my own financing and they were great to work with and didn't set a negative tone by me having my own loan. It was the easiest buying experience I have ever had. I have recommended CBS to others! Would buy from them again.
Julia Alden 2003  GMC   Envoy

You guys ROCK!!!! Justin and Amado are awesome! Just bought a car from you on Monday!!! Will definitely be back. Thanks for taking such good care of us! :o)
Elizabeth Phillips Norwood 2005  Lexus   GX 470

It was a real pleasure dealing with everyone at CBS and I would definitely rate the service I received from Eli as excellent. I have already told several co-workers how friendly and helpful everyone there was. So far, I have been very satisfied with the Nissan Frontier.
Brenda Jordan 2008  Nissan   Frontier

Me and my husband have bought 2 cars from CBS and the reason Y we went back the 2nd time was because of Janie, the service she gave us, also she always keeps in contact with myself and my husband!
Candice Copeland-Benfield 2006  Mitsubishi   Endeavor

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used) I recommend this dealer: Yes My Review of CBS Quality Cars Inc: I had a great experience with Kelly, he was very helpful and courteous. I'm so glad I went to CBS quality Cars. Best Dealership in Town. I recomend CBS to all my friend and Family. The finace was also a quick get in and get out kind of deal, Mr. Rufus Greene made it so easy for me. Thank you to all employees that worked with me to get the right car at the right price. I absolutely love it. Dealer was very friendly and helpful with the purchase of the vehicle. Questions were answered promptly, and there were no grey-areas within the purchase. There are a great selection of vehicles on the lot, and I would recommend this dealer to others in search of a good vehicle.
Marvin Winston 2003  Buick   LeSabre

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used) I recommend this dealer: Yes My Review of CBS Quality Cars Inc: Mauro was a pleaseure to talk to and he was able to direct me and my family in the right direction. Mauro found us a vehicle that meet our every need.WE have four kids! I have since told numerous people about your dealership. My family will be purchasing our next vehicle there soon. Thanks again for having a staff that makes us feel comfortable in making our big investment decision. Daniel Drake
Daniel Drake 2001  Chrysler   Town & Country

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used) I recommend this dealer: Yes My Review of CBS Quality Cars Inc: I have been meaning to write a more formal letter of gratitude for the exceptional service Mauro and Gabriel provided me with my purchase of the 2005 Toyota Highlander. This is my first purchase of a vehicle and they were amazing at helping me find exactly what I was looking for. They both went above and beyond what I expected from a dealer, staying after hours, providing me with a ride to the dealer, locating and bringing the car to my location. It was a scary process in the beginning for me, since it was my first time buying a car, but they were very helpful and patient with all of my questions and concerns. Thank you so very much with all you have done for me. It has been 3 weeks since I purchased the vehicle and I am more than satisfied with my new (used) car! Best Wishes! Claudia Salazar.
Claudia Salazar 2005  Toyota   Highlander

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used) I recommend this dealer: Yes My Review of CBS Quality Cars Inc: We found CBS Quality Cars from an internet search of a used 2005 Honda Odyssey. We knew exactly which car we wanted, and did a search of those cars in our area. Our first communications with CBS were via internet, which was quite convenient. We could email basic questions and gather information before even picking up the phone or driving out there. We are so glad that search took us to CBS. Every CBS employee we worked with or even spoke just a few words with, was friendly and helpful. We got to the dealership rather late in the day, but they never made us feel rushed. We test drove the van, loved it, and did indeed purchase it that very day. The guys in the service department went "the extra mile" to figure out the cause of some steering wheel shake we were experiencing. They did not stop until they figured it out and fixed it completely. We felt we were in good hands, and trusted them to tell us what was going on. We highly recommend CBS Quality Cars to those of you looking to purchase a vehicle.
Wesley Lachot 2005  Honda   Odyssey

Employee(s) Dealt With: Amy and Mauro I did a web search for a Jeep Wrangler. put me intouch with CBS dealership. Everyone I spoke to (Amy and Maura) were friendly, informed, and professional. The best service of all was the fact they were willing to deliver the vehicle to my front door! How convient for me. All the paper work was completed by way of phone, e-mail, or fax. The entire transaction was completed without me ever seeing the Jeep in person, yet I felt comfortable and confident with the purchase and never felt pressured to buy something I really didn't like or want. The dogs and I are really enjoying the convertible top while riding back and forth to the beach. Thanks, Wanda
Wanda Hollis 2000  Jeep   Wrangler

Mauro, I did want to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work on my behalf. I was especially thankful that you worked so hard to get me a good rate for my loan. You were pleasant and made the experience painless. Much easier than my previous experience! Good job and thank you . . . I will be recommending you to my friends! Have a good day! Susan L. Taylor-Kildow Supervisor, Clinical Services Duke Medicine Morrisville
Susan Kildow 2006  Chevrolet   Cobalt